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The speaker should be able to choose and maintain, and more attention should be paid to it




The speaker is such a huge object that we usually don't move it easily. It's not so easy to break it. But what should we do if there's something wrong with the speakers? At this time, we need to know how to maintain the speakers.

How to correctly use and maintain the speaker I: avoid using it in bad environment

Various parts of the speaker, such as wood skin, paper sound basin, treble film, hanging edge, centering bracket, adhesive, voice coil and so on, are sensitive to the change of temperature and humidity. If the temperature is too low or too high, the stability of these parts will be affected. For example, if the temperature is too low and less than 5 ℃, the overhang will become brittle easily. If the volume is turned on, the overhang will be broken easily.

How to use and maintain the speaker correctly

When listening, check whether the wiring is correct and whether the potentiometer position is too large. When starting, shutting down, restarting and other operations, the volume of the speaker shall be turned off to the minimum or the power shall be turned off to prevent damage to the speaker caused by large impulse current. When singing karaoke, try to stay away from the speaker as far as possible, and do not point the microphone at the speaker to avoid screaming or even burning the tweeter unit

How to use and maintain the speaker correctly

Any sound can break when it is turned to the maximum sound, so it's almost the same when the volume is turned to 8 at most. Originally, the power of this sound is 40W, which is more than enough if it's used in general families within 100 square meters. If you put it on the square or in a large classroom, it's bound to be unbearable

Speaker Guide

Guide for speaker selection I: reasonable positioning

The area of the listening room is not large (usually 12-16 square meters), and it is not decorated according to the listening requirements. In this kind of environment, even if put a good home theater system, it is difficult to play its due effect. Therefore, those who are not prepared to make a larger investment in this field should take simplicity and practicality as the best policy, and must not blindly pursue the full function, large size and large number of equipment

Speaker selection guide 2: brand

The technical content of audio equipment is relatively high. As a manufacturer, it is difficult to produce high-quality equipment without a high-quality technical team. In recent years, there are more and more electrical equipment factories and audio assembly factories, but many products are not reassuring. However, the attractive price and false propaganda are easy to attract buyers who do not know much about audio. For example, in some speaker assembly plants, the guiding ideology is that the box body should be large and there should be many speaker holes, as long as the speaker unit that matches the speaker holes is installed

If you want your speaker to "live longer", the knowledge above should be kept in mind. We need to work hard on the maintenance and purchase of speakers. Otherwise, no matter how good a speaker you buy, it can't stop the day when it breaks down. What we can do is to extend the day as much as possible.