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Bluetooth speaker manufacturers tell you, it also has these small functions




   Can't Bluetooth be connected to mobile phones and other devices? Bluetooth speaker manufacturers tell you how to solve these problems. The first step is to turn on the Bluetooth function, enter and search the status of Bluetooth headset. The second step is to enable Bluetooth audio. You need to press the key on the Bluetooth headset for about 5 to 6 seconds. Until the indicator light is on: the blue light flashes alternately, and the red light flashes alternately before releasing. Step 3: Bluetooth stereo and mobile phone will enter the matching state again. When Bluetooth stereo is displayed on the mobile phone, click OK to connect. Step four, pay attention to the effective distance between the mobile phone and the Bluetooth stereo within 10 meters. Some Bluetooth speakers require a password to match: 0000 or 8888.
   Bluetooth speaker refers to a built-in Bluetooth chip. Bluetooth connection replaces the traditional wired audio device. It is convenient and fast through Bluetooth playback devices such as mobile phones, tablets and laptops. Enter the setting function, and then enter Bluetooth. You can see the Bluetooth device nearby. There is a gear pattern next to it. Click it to rename, cancel pairing and so on. First, turn on the Bluetooth audio, then turn on the settings of the mobile phone, and turn on the Bluetooth function in the settings. At this time, the mobile phone will automatically search the nearby Bluetooth devices. If you search the audio Bluetooth device, it will automatically connect. At the same time, the audio speaker has a "golden ong" sound, and some audio has a voice prompt "Bluetooth connection is successful". At this time, you can use the phone to control the audio, such as playing music and other operations.